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3 bedroom terrace duplex with 20yrs plan and NHF Mortgage loan. 2.5M INITIAL EQUITY

23,000,000 For sale brains and hammers city life camp abuja


This project is located in the heart of the Life camp district in Abuja. It’s a 3bedroom terrace duplex just beside brains and hammers city and also the same environment as Paradise estate and Ochacho estate. This property is a 10-15mins drive from the central district in Abuja.
The estate is a fully funded project by the federal mortgage bank and for that, the mortgage payment plan is easily accessible for both government and private staff. The plan is so flexible that you can start off with initial equity of 30% and pay the remaining for 20+ years and you can also choose on paying monthly or annually depending on your monthly take-home.

On some rare occasions, we also help clients negotiate for lesser initial equity and they decide how to spread that within a year.
Are you looking to stop paying rent and want to be a landlord? This is the best sale for you.

Also for investment purposes, the property is targeted to make an increase of 40% before the end of the year. That means that in 6-8 months' time, the property would appreciate over 7-9 million Naira. Great news!!!
Take this golden opportunity and get yourself the keys to the house.

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  • 3 Bedrooms
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